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Food: Just Us

You’re coming from one of two places. You know nothing about food justice but want to find out more. As of this writing, you’re not alone. Food justice is an emerging field. Or two, you’re a food justice junkie who donates time and money when you can and you just like to see whatss going on out there. Either way, here’s what I’m trying to do.

First off, I’m just trying to spread the word. Food justice is a wide field that means so much to so many – most of whom have no idea. We need noise. Food justice is, above all, about creating a food system that sees no distinction between color, class, socioeconomic status, nationality, or any single discriminatory identifier. Food is just, the system is not.

That’s what food justice is about: changing the system. This is done in so many different ways. From food pantries, food rescues, farmer’s markets, and urban gardening to simply choosing to buy ugly fruit. Justice comes from the nonprofit organizations and people, like you and me. Justice is finding a balance in our system so that no child goes hungry and no food is wasted.

Food justice is the fight. Join Us.

Why This Conversation?

But why write this?

We’ll, I have to. This is starting out as a graduate project but it’s something I’m already passionate about. I’m solo right now, but maybe this turns into something shared with others. I’m an ex-chef and current writer with a passion for social justice. Food justice is just the most logical thing my passions will chase.

I need to be involved in the fight for an equitable food system. The best way I know how is to make some noise. While I am looking into starting a food rescue where I live, for the time being, this will be my contribution. The sad truth is that we don’t realize in our country that so many children are food insecure, that so many go hungry. We can fix this, and for me, it starts here.