Food Warfare: Government Subsidies are Killing Us

Farm (agriculture) subsidies are big business in the United States averaging about $16 billion a year to farmers across the country. But with factory farming the rule and small farms the exception, draws the question of whether or not subsidies are necessary.


Education is Justice: Food Justice Resources

As we've learned from the 2016 election, misinformation and outright lying can destroy credibility and create unforeseen outcomes. The only way to combat the pitfalls of ignorance is through self-disciplined critical reading, research, and being vocal of mistakes and lies spread online. In other words, research what you read, become informed on the topics important to you and know where the tools are to act on your knowledge.

Hunger for 1 in 8 Americans

Why are one in six of your neighbors going hungry each day? The issue might be complex, but the solution is easy. Both sides of the problem make up what we know as food justice.